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About NSL Media

Founded in 2010 by Nathan Leslie, NSL Media began with one goal in mind; To provide fans a free outlet for reliving concerts via live recordings.  With over 400 concert recordings, NSL Media continues to provide fans with quality audio recordings to this day.

More recently, Nathan has taken on the additional task of concert photography.  Not only to provide audio, but to also provide a visual experience of the concert.  Here at NSL Media you'll find galleries and recordings from the shows Nathan has covered.

With the help of publications and bands such as the Live Music ArchiveShutter 16Umphrey's McGee and Slightly StoopidNSL Media continues to provide fans an outlet to relive the concert experience.

Nathan is based out of the Dallas, TX area and catches shows throughout the southwest.


Q: Can I purchase prints or downloads of your photos?

A: Certain galleries contain photos that cannot be sold for any use.  Please use the contact page to obtain further info on the prints you are interested in.

Q: Can I purchase recordings of your shows?

A: Recordings are not for sale.  Many bands allow audio recordings as long as no money changes hand. However, some bands have hired me to record specifically for them in order to sell.  Those recordings will be linked directly to the artists website. 

Q: My band would like to be photographed and/or recorded, can you shoot and/or record my show?

A: Depending on when and where!  Feel free to reach out using the contact page to send me info on your upcoming show.  Please note that I am based out of Dallas,TX  and have a very busy work schedule.

All photos © Nathan Leslie

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